Retail Insurance

Tailored for You

From Maine to California, there’s one need that all retail businesses have in common: insurance. Lotfey Dennett recognizes each business is as unique as their owners and we are dedicated to creating a custom tailored package of insurances to best suit your retail business. In the constant changing of insurance laws and codes, breathe easy knowing Lotfey Dennett strives to keep you informed, your business safe, and deliver exceptional service while doing so.

Below are some of the various types of insurances you may need to consider investing in when running a retail space:

Errors & Omission Insurance

Errors & Omission insurance, also known as professional insurance, is urgent for all retail businesses that offer services that could lead to lawsuits or any other fiscal risks. Generally this type of insurance is geared towards covering financial losses. Lotfey Dennett is dedicated to taking preventative action against claims of inadequate or remiss work. We know mistakes happen. Let us be there when they do.

General Liability Insurance

By investing in general liability insurance for your retail business, you will be protecting your business from another person or business’s claim at injury, such as bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage. This insurance is a must for retail locations dealing with customers face to face, who have access to a client’s equipment, and for those who use third party locations for business meetings.  At Lotfey Dennett we will find you a tailored general liability insurance plan that will protect you from any and all claims.

Workers Compensation Insurance

As your retail business grows, so does the responsibility to ensure its protection. Worker’s compensation insurance safeguards your employee expenses. In the event that one of your team members gets sick or injured on the job—you will be protected.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

A successful retail business requires strong employees, but some things will always be out of your control. That’s why employment practice liability insurance is imperative to you and your company. In the event that an employee claims wrongful termination, discrimination, invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, emotional distress, or wage and hour law violations—you have a strong line of defense. Our team at Lotfey Dennett will help you find a employment practice liability plan that will protect your retail business from crippling employment charges.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Technology has the opportunity to advance your retail business, but also make it vulnerable. Protecting yourself, and your customers, from a security breach is increasingly important today. Cyber Liability insurance is a must for your retail store because it will cover the costs associated with stolen information and security hacking. The last thing your company needs is stolen credit card information! This insurance covers fines and penalties, credit monitoring, costs to defend claims by state regulators, and costs and losses resulting from identity theft. From small surf shops in Santa Barbara, California, to booming bakery shops in Portland, Maine, Lotfey Dennett has your security measures covered with our Cyber Liability insurance.

 Products Liability

Product Liability insurance protects your business from claims related to the sale or manufacturing of food, medicines, products, and goods to the public. Accidents do happen and when a customer sues your company for a cup of spoiled clam chowder or a defective motorcycle helmet, you want to be prepared.  Product Liability cases have the potential of putting you out of business, so let Lotfey Dennett have your back when you need it most.